OLY 2020 – Final Notice

Opening Of The Legal Year 2020
December 4, 2019
Informal Get Together, February, 2020
February 17, 2020

OLY 2020 – Final Notice

To:     All Advocates/Members of the Bar,


Please be informed and updated as follows :-

A.      OLY 2020 Procession and Ceremony

The OLY 2020 procession will take place on Friday, 17th January, 2020 starting at 6.30 am. All lawyers are to assemble at the Dewan Undangan
Negeri (‘DUN’) Complex, which is the starting point for the march.  Following a photo session, lawyers shall march together with Judges and
Judicial Officers from the DUN Complex to the Courthouse (approximate distance 1.97 km). Thereafter, following the national and state anthems,
all shall proceed to the Federal Court and other designated courtrooms for the ceremony.

For those who are interested to participate in the Procession and Ceremony, kindly register your names with Ms Bibiana of the Bar Room,
Kuching, at 082-448077 or e-mail aas@sarawak-advocates.org.my latest by Thursday, 16th January 2020 at 12.00 noon.

B.      OLY 2020 Gala Dinner

Tickets are still available for the OLY 2020 Gala Dinner shall be held on the same day starting at 6.30 pm. Details are as follows :-

Date & Time     :       Friday, 17th January 2020 at 6.30 pm
Venue                :       Sarawak Chamber, Riverside Majestic Hotel
Theme               :       “Masquerade Ball”
Dress Code       :       Lounge Suit (in line with theme)
Price                  :       RM50.00 per pax

Lawyers attending are required to fill in the OLY 2020 Registration Form and make payment beforehand. Registrations Forms and proof of payment are
to be sent via e-mail to OLY2020KCH@gmail.com.

C.      National Colloquium on Access to Justice

Spaces are still available for the “National Colloquium on Access to Justice”, organised by the UNDP which shall take place the day before OLY
2020 i.e. on Thursday, 16th January 2020, particulars of which are as follows :-

Date & Time     :       Thursday, 16th January 2020 at 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
Venue                :       Hilton Kuching
Dress Code       :       Lounge Suit
Fees                   :       Free of charge

Those who are interested to attend the Colloquium may register your name with Ms Bibiana of the Bar Room, Kuching, at 082–448077 or e–mail aas@sarawak-advocates.org.my latest by Tuesday, 14th January 2020 at 5.00 pm.

Kindly take note accordingly and your support for the aforesaid events would be very much appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Desmond Sahathevan
Branch Chairman
Advocates Association of Sarawak
Kuching Branch